Saturday, February 28, 2009

Training update

I was very unhappy about this earlier today, but I unfortunately missed running with my training group this morning. Since I was away last weekend as well I was really looking forward to seeing everyone.

So today I put in my 15 mile run on my own-- 2 round trips plus one extra mile on Katy Trail. Today was cold and WINDY! Wind is my least favorite weather to run in- my hat blew off twice! When I got home and plugged my time and distance into race nation it calculated my pace at 10:34! Somehow I still don't believe that can be right. 10:34 is a really fast pace for me for a 15 mile distance. You'd think I would just be happy about this, but it's actually a little frustrating as well.

I had a rough week with my slower runs the past few days (breathing not so good) and was running over an 11 minute pace for 3-5 mile distances....... so why I would suddenly be running more than 30 seconds faster than that per mile for 15 miles is a bit of a mystery. I feel like I try to be pretty consistent with my training, eating, etc.--- but sometimes it just seems like for no understandable reason I can have a great run one day and a horrible one the next. Either that's just how things go in running sometimes, or there's some major piece of knowledge I'm missing that would solve this..... so much to learn!

We've got a good start for Oklahoma Race Sponsors. Keep spreading the word! :) We've got a little less than 2 months to fill in all those miles for Susan's Foundation.
Notice that you can now make your race sponsor donation directly on my blog using a credit card or pay pal.

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