Monday, February 23, 2009

Training update

This last week has been a taper week for training runs- cutting back on mileage a little in preparation for Saturday's 15 mile run.
On Saturday I was out of town (Arizona) for a family event (Happy Birthday Mom!- who still may be recovering from the shock of her surprise party), so missed running with my DRC training group and put in my 10 miles on my own running random streets in Tempe. Keeping up training during travel can be tough sometimes, particularly without treadmill access or knowledge of safe areas to run-- but usually I can work out a way to stay on schedule.

This week is just a few short runs (3 miles, 5 miles, and 4 miles)-- which also had to be shuffled around my travel schedule-- most of which I'll do on the new treadmills at my apartment complex. These have been awesome since many days lately I'm not getting home from lab or class until after dark. Although I still prefer to run outside whenever possible.

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