Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rachel's Training Update

Treadmill Schmedmill

With over three feet of glorious snowfall in the Rockies over the past two weeks, I'm sad to report that my training updates consist of not much more than late nights spent with a my good pals Treadmill and TV. Though I was able to catch a large portion of the exciting Olympic coverage (bonus) while plugging away at the 'ol training miles, I'm afraid that doesn't make for very interesting updates.

So, I've opted to post a few pics of what the rest of my day looks like. Cute as buttons, these sassy sisters are growing heavier and heavier by the day, easily packing on an extra 40 pounds to my runs. Oy.

Snow on the ground = NO STROLLER RUNS. Jaden shows her disapproval.

View from the backyard. Pretty, yes. Run-able, no.

New game, binkey swap.

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