Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Lemonade Makers

It's official!! The runners formerly known as "The Team" running for Susan's Foundation in Seattle this June will be running under the team name "The Lemonade Makers". The name was suggested by Randy, one of our future half-marathon finishers. Here's a little background on where this name comes from...

A few weeks before Susan's cancer diagnosis, she started a blog to document her and Justin's life as newlyweds. In her first post, she wrote how their lives weren't all that interesting, so she'd have to be creative to come up with things to blog about. As she later stated..."be careful what you wish for". Initially, she titled the blog url something like "eat our wagon dust" (referring to how she was the last of her friends to 'jump on the blog wagon').

Shortly thereafter, Susan found out about her cancer diagnosis and suddenly the new blog served a new purpose of keeping all her friends and family up to date on her condition. The first thing she did was change their blog url to 'lemonademakers'-- so characteristic of Susan's determination to make the best of any situation. The posts she made to her blog from that time until her passing a few months later were very in line with her chosen url- always positive and hopeful regardless of the challenging circumstances.

I think Randy was really on the right track in suggesting this name. What an appropriate team name for a group of runners largely brand new to long distance racing. What an awesome reminder of what we're training for and the attitude we can all strive to keep during the process.

So, with the blessing of Susan's family-- The Lemonade Makers will proudly be running in Seattle in Susan's memory to support other young adults fighting cancer. There are currently four of us working toward our fundraising goals, and there is always room for more. Please do what you can to help spread the word.

Thank you!!

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