Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anna's Marathon Miles

February is nearly here-- which means that Anna's miles for the Washington Marathon are open for sponsorship. You'll notice that the donation amounts vary a little more per mile than previous races. Why is this? One word.... HILLS!! Below is the elevation chart for the Seattle full and half marathon courses. My first three marathon courses were fairly flat, and as you can see- Seattle's course will be a bit more of a challenge. :-) I'll be hitting the hill training hard this season to prepare-- and you can help by choosing an 'upward bound' mile number and adding that extra $25 to the typical $50 donation per mile. I'm going to need all the extra motivation I can get to get up some of these hills come race day... so how about we make a difference in the lives of young adults fighting cancer in the process. Their battle is much more difficult than mine will be on race day-- and these young adults and their families need all the support we can give them. Also check back into the blog later this week to meet our newest Team Member (Rachel), and to read more about how you can start supporting our Team Members, Sarah, Randy and Rachel in their training and fundraising efforts to prepare for their first half-marathon. With these great people running with me, I'm confident this is going to be our best season yet!!

And please continue to spread the word that we're still looking for at least one more Team member, and as many fans as we can get to join us for the fun in Seattle!

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Gail said...

Put us down for our usual Mile 21 for Anna!!!