Sunday, May 8, 2011

White Rock Centennial Half Marathon

Running fast is FUN!!!

Big half marathon race yesterday was a blast!! Held in celebration of the 100th anniversary of White Rock Lake- the centerpoint of the majority of DRC training runs over the past few years. The temps were a little warmer than I would have liked given my body's apparent aversion to heat, so I wasn't sure how the actual running would go. Having missed out on the Rock n Roll Half in March, this was the first time I'd attempted racing in months.

Because both the running mileage and strength training had been going well this season, there was a little part of me that wondered if trying for a PR (personal record) would be possible, but I knew it would be a real long shot so I didn't talk it up. Below is a photo my friend, Bill Borowski caught pre-race with great friends and repeat mile sponsors, Max and Denise Davis. Regardless of how the running went that morning, I was thrilled to get to see so many running friends I had missed so much this year.

I kept the same 'run 3 minutes-walk 1 minute' strategy I'd been training with, and tried to keep the speed for both segments as fast as I could. This worked great the first 3 miles, but I wasn't sure it would last. It was hot, hard to breathe, and by mile 6 or so I wondered if I'd have it in me to keep it up. Thinking about my fundraising purpose, goals, and all the people I have supporting me helped me pull through several tough times I wanted to give in to a slower pace.

I also had the encouragement of many great friends, some of who were running the race and others who came out to cheer us on. I know there's no way I could mention everyone here if I tried-- but every encouraging word and smile I came across was appreciated on a level I'm not sure they'll ever really know. This is always the amazing thing about races for me- the opportunity for being reminded how many great people there are in the world, and how lucky I am to have so many of them in my life.

At mile 11 the heat was hitting me hard, as was the wind and the feeling of nausea building in my stomach. But there was too much encouragement from friends at the end for me to give in. Just when I thought I didn't have the PR in me, there would be a shout out from another friend to keep me going.

In the end I crossed the finish line with a time nearly 9 minutes faster than I'd ever run a half-marathon. After recovering from the immediate post-race feeling of stiff muscles and an unhappy stomach- I realized that I felt great. Running fast was fun! I just may try to do it more often. :) And the finish line party was the perfect place to relax and celebrate with Roxanne and family, and even more friends.

So how about it, dedicated fundraising followers? Is a 9 minute PR worthy of a donation to sponsor a Seattle marathon mile? I hope so. :-)

22 mile training run coming up in 2 weeks, and still 15 more miles needing sponsors for Seattle! After yesterday I'm confident both can be accomplished!! :-)

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Randy and Sarah said...

Great job Anna! I am so proud of you for all the work you are doing. I know how much of an effort needs to be put into training and I know you are going to Rock Seattle! I wish we could run this year with you, but I am a bit round in the belly for this year's race. Maybe next year. I am going crazy wanting to be running again. Keep up the great work!