Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swann Update: Where are they now?

You'll probably recall last summer when Randy and Sarah Swann made their big accomplishment of finishing their first half marathon in Seattle while raising funds for Susan's Foundation. This year they've stepped up in a big way again and have sponsored the last .2 miles of my Seattle marathon experience this year. I thought you'd enjoy an update on the adventures this family has been up to in the last year: Since our race last year, we have had some ups and downs. Sarah had some really weird heart problems and got a pacemaker, but she is fine now. Randy is about to finish his first year as a Special Ed teacher and he is loving it. We are again expecting. Baby #2 is due in the middle of August. Sarah says she she feels like she swallowed a watermelon whole. We have been taking a break from big running due to the pregnancy and the complications we had with previous pregnancies, but we are really missing running. We plan on restarting our running after the baby is born. Sarah can't wait to start training on the many, many hills in our new town. We did get to run the one mile fun run at Susan's Run this year and we are looking forward to next year's race. Jolee also ran the one mile run (her first race). She ended up running about 1/2 of it, pretty good for a 20 month old! We are doing fantastic and we are thrilled to support Anna as she tackles Seattle. We loved it and we are sure she will also. It is a beautiful run!

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