Friday, February 5, 2010

Randy and Sarah's Training Update

As Randy and I are not runners (but we will be), we are training using a Couch to Half Marathon training program. We have just entered our third week of training and today was our
longest run of the year, 16 minutes of running. I know it doesn't sound like much, but as a beginner it is NOT easy. We are however getting stronger and able to endure a little more. You should have seen our first run, we could barely run 1/4 of a mile. Now we are running about a mile and a half!

(---Randy and Sarah---) This morning's run was broken up by a less than pleasant sight. Just after the mile mark, I looked up and saw a dog running across the path a bit ahead of me, I looked back down and continued to run. Just then it occured to me that was a weird looking dog. I looked back up and realized that it was not a dog, but a coyote, and not just any coyote. It was a coyote with a cat in its' mouth! I put on the brakes and started to yell and scream. Poor kitty cat! Randy caught up to me and then told me that the cat was already dead. So the coyote ran off with its' breakfast :(, and we continued our run. Thinking of the coyote was enough of a distraction that I didn't even really notice the next half mile and I was able to run that last bit with relative ease.

I am actually looking forward to our next long run (18 minutes) later this week. Compared to how we felt when we first started really training 3 weeks ago with our first 10 minute run (oh it was hard), tomorrow's 10 minute run seems a little too short and too easy. I am looking forward to getting my work schedule for March, hopefully I will have the time off and we can head up to Tempe for the first run of the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation!

(---Baby Jolee bundled up for her run with Mom and Dad---)

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