Monday, September 21, 2009

Tour de Fleurs 20k

Saturday's long run was a nice break from regular weekend runs.... the annual Tour de Fleurs 10k and 20k race at the Dallas Arboretum served as the setting for my 12 miles this weekend, and for 4,000 other Dallas area runners. I neglected to bring my camera, and race pictures haven't been posted yet-- so here are a few pics of the arboretum in the fall I borrowed from their website....

It is so beautiful...I love it here!! It was a great setting for a pre/post race event. The 12 mile course looped around White Rock Lake and through a few neighborhoods. I was surprised how many people (many of them DRC members) came out to the streets just to cheer on the runners.

I wasn't feeling my best this week, so decided to take this race at an easy pace and just see how things went. In typical fashion for me, the first 6 miles or so were less than pleasant, and then around mile 7 I finally started to get into my running groove. Luckily, right about that time I finally came across Danielle at a water stop--who had put in a lot of miles prior to race start and was using the race as a way to wrap up her last 12. This would be her last long training run before the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 11th. So although Danielle was understandably exhausted by this point in the race already, I was so glad to join her for her last few miles. Danielle has been the picture of perseverence training for this marathon. If you remember, her first marathon was the same one I ran in Oklahoma-- with horrible weather circumstances!!! To be honest, if Oklahoma was my first marathon I'm not sure if I would have run another one-- it was really that bad. So for people like my friends Danielle and James to not only survive Oklahoma conditions for their first marathon, but then go and register to run Chicago (which required long training runs in the Dallas summer heat).... I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for them!!!

Danielle and I both made it to the finish line of Tour de Fleurs. I think Danielle was just excited not to be running anymore (I'd feel the same way if I'd just run 20 miles rather than 12), but I was excited for the post-race party and free food I'd been hearing so much about! Well, lesson learned....if you want in on the post-race goodies at Tour de Fleurs, either run the 10k race, or pick up your pace A LOT for the 20k. All the free food and post-race party fun was shut down by the time I finished. :( Oh well! My friend Ashley and I made up for it by making a trip to Harry's for a celebratory post-race hot dog and custard. Now that's a way to celebrate a long run! :)

This week's schedule:

Monday- Morning 5k/3 miles/Strength Training

Tuesday- Yoga/6 miles

Wednesday- Morning 5k/REST

Thursday- Yoga/3 miles

Friday- Morning 5k/REST

Saturday- 13 miles

Sunday- Cross Training Day

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