Saturday, May 2, 2009

Seeking summer running employment

You may have noticed since my next marathon is not until December, I've posted some additional opportunities (above) of how you can get involved or stay involved raising money for cancer patients through Susan's Foundation during the summer months.

One of these opportunities is becoming a Summer Training Sponsor by donating $1 for each mile I run (in either races or training) from May-August. You can let me know you'd like to sign up anytime during those months, and donations will not be collected until September. You can track my summer miles logged on the blog from week to week. Wondering just how much this commits you to? It's hard to say for sure, but I can tell you that between January and April of this year I ran around 300 miles. This summer I won't be logging NEARLY as many as there is no marathon planned for this season- and I'll be cutting back on miles quite a bit to manage some health issues as well. So....this may be the ideal season to get your feet wet as a training sponsor for a great price. :) Included with their summer training donation, summer training sponsors also get the added benefit of automatically getting first choice of a free sponsor mile for the Texas marathon in December.

Now that May has arrived and I am mostly recovered from Oklahoma- I've decided that I won't start my summer training until someone hires me. Meaning-- until I get at least one summer training sponsor, I'm not running! Big pressure because I'm expected to participate in a 5k next weekend. :)

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