Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Races without running

I still have yet to run a mile this summer. Aside from patiently waiting for that volunteer Summer Training Sponsor (see post below)- this little time off actually coincides well with me needing some health related time off. Although I'm hoping to start putting in some low mileage runs before the month is out...so please consider being the first Summer Training Sponsor. Don't forget you also get first choice of a free mile for the next marathon (Texas in December).

So while I'm semi-patiently not running, I've been trying to stay involved with DRC by volunteering at races. This is a picture of me and my friend Genevieve (also the top DRC mile sponsor recruiter for the Oklahoma marathon), working a water stop at a local 5k last weekend. This was my first time working a water stop and it was great! All of the times I've run through a water stop as a runner- I never realized there was a particular way to offer a water cup to a runner. Genevieve kindly pointed out my technique flaw after my first attempt sent a Gatorade shower all over me, the runner, and anyone within 20 feet of us. :)

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