Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mile Adoptions Off and Rolling

Thanks to several generous individuals who adopted miles when I was training to run Seattle last summer, we are already off to a great start for reaching our donation goal of adopting out all 26.2 miles. Thanks to Chris Stratton for getting the 2011 marathon off on the right foot by stepping up to adopt Mile 23! Chris has been a mile sponsor for several previous marathons. You're awesome, Chris!!!

That gives us just 17 miles now that need sponsors. You'll notice that each mile has a different minimum donation with it. These were selected based on the Seattle Marathon course map. $50 miles are on flat parts of the course, while the $75 miles are uphill. (It is Seattle after all- may as well make the best if it!) :-). The final .2 miles is the highest because...let's face it- it's the big finish!!

Please keep spreading the word of the need for mile sponsors, as well as Facebook fans. We're at 59 fans now, and it would be fun to see if we could reach 100 by race day!

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