Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still here!!

Wow! Hard to describe the insanity that has consumed the past few weeks. I'm very sorry for the delay in blog posts. Here's the short version of what happened in my life a few weeks ago....
Big freeze --> busted fire sprinkler pipe --> LOTS and LOTS of water flooding apartment --> 2 weeks of being displaced due to major apartment repairs --> finally move to new apartment --> new apartment has no internet access --> difficult to accomplish much involving the internet.

Happily the living situation has been recovered and fortunately didn't slow down the marathon training too much. Countdown to the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon is just about 3 months now and I'm feeling good and getting in the necessary miles. My first big test will be the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon next weekend.

A lot of great things have been happening with Susan's Foundation- including a very successful 2nd annual Susan's Run event in Tempe, Arizona last month, and the release of details of 'One Weekend Away'- an incredible opportunity for young adults battling cancer to briefly escape the pressures that illness and life can bring. Please check in with the foundation website to read more about it.

I am now actively recruiting sponsors for the remaining Washington Marathon miles. There are still 18.2 miles needing sponsors before I take to the starting line on June 25th. Click on the Anna's Marathon Miles link on the blog to see what miles are available, and please help spread the word about the importance of supporting young adults fighting cancer through Susan's Foundation.

More updates and photos will be coming soon! So many great things going on right now I can't wait to share!!

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